It's people that bring our wines to life


About us…

Crush Fine Wines, a premium On Premise Wine Distributor, is a family business and was established in 2008 to supply into the On Premise market some of Australia’s finest boutique wines from Victoria and throughout Australia and New Zealand. Crush has enabled these boutique wineries to embrace the trade and grow their business in a hugely competitive market. Crush represents the new era of wine distribution businesses with a progressive, innovative and quality approach to representing the finest family owned boutique wineries.

Crush Wines represent over 250 family owned wines and supply to over 5000 restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels throughout The Eastern Seaboard of Australia. Their commitment to providing quality products along with exceptional service is what sets Crush Wines apart from it’s competitors. Crush Wines has achieved significant success in the on-premise trade acknowledged by it’s ranking in the Wine Industry On Premise report and will continue to represent only the finest boutique wineries.

The Crush and Chateau Tanunda teams sure know how to put on a show!

The Crush and Chateau Tanunda teams sure know how to put on a show!


A word from the director…

I spend a lot of time talking to Crush customers, I’ve always said the most important work doesn’t happen sitting behind a desk. It’s a great opportunity to get raw feedback on how customers feel about our service and what makes a difference in their business. Needless to say, we don’t get it right every time and it’s important to find out where we can improve. But I’m pleased to say that the majority of what I hear is positive. Some of it is about our high wine quality benchmarks, the integrity of our family owned brands, our decisions not to work with the chains or our high service level philosophy. But mostly it’s about our staff and the amazing culture that we’ve built at Crush.

What people appreciate most, based on the stories I’ve been told, is when someone from Crush has gone above and beyond.
Like the account manager who loads a case of wine in their car and delivers it through nightmare traffic on a Friday afternoon because the customer forgot to order, or the winemaker that worked through the night to pick their grapes at exactly the right time to deliver the optimum quality. The list goes on.

The addition of new iconic brands like Chateau Tanunda and Pure Scot whisky continue to underpin the evolution of Crush’s leading beverage portfolio.

On behalf of everyone at Crush, I’d like to wish you a happy and safe year ahead.