Crush has always been active in our support of the community, both as part of what we feel is our moral obligation but also because we simply enjoy helping others. It feels good to help others and this is really important for our company culture, while also incredibly rewarding to leave our impact on the world.

In 2018 we consolidated our charity efforts under the brand Bright Hearts. The brand is intended to clearly show the importance of making decisions and channelling energy through our hearts. Our mission is to make a difference in those lives that we touch, through commitment and dedication.

We began raising money for the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage in Denpasar, Bali in 2014. The monies raised provided medicine, vaccines, and occupational therapy to children with disabilities, and provided education to children, without our support this would not be possible. Whether it be school uniforms or providing shoes, the Crush team have been able to make this difference.

Crush has supported the Smith Family & Toy appeal for well over 10 years now and each year we gather car loads of gifts to deliver to the Appeal for the beautiful children that otherwise don’t receive gifts on Christmas Day.

Because of the commitment of organisations like Crush, the Smith Family received a record-breaking amount of gift collections in 2018. We’re incredibly proud of our efforts here.

In 2018 we found another opportunity to join with “Igniting Change” and help and support the rehabilitation and mentoring people making the transition out of prison and into the community, wanting the turn their life around personally and in business. It was Richard Branson that reminded us that after making a mistake most people want to change and one mistake shouldn’t be a lifetime sentence.

Other charities that the Crush Team have been involved in include the Royal Children’s Hospital, Charity Ball again to help and raise monies for the much-needed humidicribs to save those precious little lives, and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

As we commence into the new and exciting year of 2019, Bright Hearts will continue to make a difference and explore various opportunities to make a difference.